Jaime Marie Adams

If we have ever been sure of anything, it is this. Jaime Marie Adams was sent to this earth to work through us to inspire others. Through the Miracle League children and adults like Jaime have the opportunity to grow, interact and celebrate in a very special way. Because of Jaime and others like her, they are not seen as people with special needs. They are sons and daughters, sisters/brothers, compassionate friends and spirited athletes. These children teach us what lessons we need to learn, the messagesto be delivered and what our true mission should be.

To the Miracle League Family, our lives were forever changed because of Jaime her smile could light up a room- a baseball field, a bowling alley and a football arena. Her serious face could stop her father in his tracks!! And we all know, that is NOT an easy task.

Nothing happens by chance, Jaime chose a mom and dad certain to push, support, nurture and share in every public way. Carol and Burke Adams have raised 5 amazing children. Yet all along it was Jaime who remains our brightest star, our greatest teacher. We believe the many people helped along the way were part of the blueprint of Jaime’s life. Because of Jaime and her Miracle League, people all over the world have been inspired by her triumphs.

On Saturday, Jaime wore her 2016 Football Jersey. She was assigned to the Cardinals team. Folklore tells us, “When Cardinals appear, angels are near”. Today I am certain that is true. Thank you, Burke and Carol for influencing change and setting an epic example for our children everywhere. May Jaime’s spirit, her teachings and her persistence serve as an inspiration to all of us.

On behalf of the Miracle League, Thank you to Adams family for sharing your beautiful angel with us.

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